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Medical Benefit

Insured persons and their dependants are entitled to full medical care from day one of taking up employment in any factory or establishment covered under the ESI Act 1948. The comprehensive package includes primary medical care, specilaist and diagnostic services, in-patient care with provision for all super specialist facilities.

Sickness Benefit

Sickness Benefit is paid in cash to the insured persons to compensate their loss of wages in the event of sickness certified by an authorised medical officer. It is admissible for 91 days in an year and the cash benefit is equal to 50% of the wages.


Maternity Benefit

Maternity Benefit is admissible to insured women in the event of confinement or miscarriage etc. for 12 weeks and the rate of about 100 percent of the wages.


Disablement Benefit

Temporary Disablement benefit is paid in cash till the incapacity due to employment injury lasts at the rate of 70% of the wages. In case of permanent physical disablement due to employment injury or occupational disease, disablement benefit is paid for life at a rate proportionate to loss of earning capacity as determined by the medical board.

Dependant's Benefit

Dependants benefit is paid as family pension to the dependants of a deceased insured person in the event of death due to employment injury or occupational disease and is equivalent to about 70% of the wages.

In addition to the above, the scheme also provides some other need based benefits to insured workers. These are :

Unemployment Allowance
Funeral Expenses
Old age Medicare
Medical Bonus

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